Joke Of The Day

The inventor gave all his attention
To a thing his assistant did mention.
The axle idea
Turned out to be a
Revolutionary invention.
(Kirk Miller)

A machine to kill insects he lugs
To his yard. It is broken; he shrugs.
His arthropod zapper
Is not a good trapper
Of mosquitoes. It still has some bugs.
(Kirk Miller)

There was a young fellow called Hawke
Who went for a late evening walke.
He was seen by a gnat,
(gnight-fighter type) that
Attacked him: You should hear him squawke!!

I wonder if the Grim Reaper's a dame?
After all, we don't really know her name.
But the gal with that sickle
Is sure mighty fickle,
And that's why I think it's a girl who's to blame.
(Owen Lorion)

There's a witch who's involved in a scandal.
Folks accuse her of being a vandal.
"But the charges aren't true!"
Said the witch, and she grew
Very angry and flew off the handle.
(Kirk Miller)

When a bumblebee sits on a trough,
Many houseflies there often will scoff.
They don't like the bee near.
It is met with a jeer
And they taunt him by saying, "Buzz off!"
(Kirk Miller)

I have had quite a few discussions
With my neighbors next door. They're Russians
Who play drums late at night
And are just not contrite
Or concerned about repercussions.
(Kirk Miller)

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