Joke Of The Day

To the dentist I went for a session
To make molds of my teeth. An expression
That he used when the gel
Got real hard: "I can tell
That you wanted to make good impression."
(Kirk Miller)

A frog looking up at things high
Thinks the time for philosophy nigh.
His attitude smug,
He’d just caught a bug
And says, "Time's fun when you’re having flies."
(Kevin Ahern)

My colander that I adore
Is so old that to use it's a chore.
Had to throw it away
In the trash yesterday;
It could not take the strain any more.
(Kirk Miller)

You should have just got a cheesecloth
And ran it through both; now don't scoff.
Because had you just
Restrained yourself thus
The hole thing would be better off
(Jon Gearhart)

Boss is constantly raising the bar.
Worker thinks it does not seem bizarre
And says it's all right,
That he welcomes the height.
He's a pole vaulter, wants to go far.
(Kirk Miller)

In our garden, we once found the lair
Of a rabbit that chose to live there.
So we chased him away,
Repaired fence; since that day
Of the rabbit, don't see hide nor hare.
(Kirk Miller)

With just minimal rain, my grass grew,
So the mornings I watered were few.
But we've had such a drought,
Had to get sprinkler out.
You can see it is lawn over dew.
(Kirk Miller)

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