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I own a pet parrot who is very friendly and talkative.

I bought a beautiful golden cage to keep him in. As I said, he is very friendly and everyone loves him.

Lately, however, his droppings have become quite odoriferous. It had reached the point where you couldn't walk in the room without feeling nauseous.

I tried various household solutions to clean the cage, and get rid of the odors but none would work.

Finally the bird, himself, came up with the solution. I heard him singing, "Ammonia a bird in a gilded cage".

(Stan Kegel)

Bonus Joke:

A most unusual case of attempted murder was recently brought to court in Mexico City. It was a case never before even contemplated, let alone tried.

It seems a man, Jorge, was charged and convicted of the attempted murder of his wife under the most bizarre of circumstances. Apparently, he solicited the help of the couple's talking bird to drive his wife to suicide. He taught the bird to constantly repeat, "End it all!" and "Life is not worth living!”, and "You'll be happy and in a better place!".

The prosecution brought the bird to court and had it perform for the judge and jury. He claimed the defendant was guilty by association with the bird and because of the training he had provided.

After hearing these arguments and the words of the bird, the judge and jury convicted both Jorge and the bird. Jorge received a stiff sentence but the bird got a suspended sentence because it was a Mynah.

(Gary Younglove)

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