Joke Of The Day

A fat dairy cow's self-esteem
Is low 'cause its weight is extreme.
Though the cow's overweight,
Owner thinks it is great
'Cause the cow can produce heavy cream.

A cow is real tired, in utter
Exhaustion. To home she'll sputter.
Although she's very
Worn out, the dairy
Will use her to get whipped butter.

A cow is quite grief-stricken; she's
In mourning and filled with unease.
There is nothing to fear
From the gloom that is here.
From cows that are sad comes blue cheese.

With udders, there isn't a dearth
Of puns that will give you much mirth.
Take advantage of this
And you'll soon be in bliss,
So milk it for all that it's worth.
(All by Kirk Miller)

In Berlin is a scientist who
Likes bacteria research that's new.
Lots of brilliance he's shown,
So he now is well known
And the Germ-man has gotten his due.
(Kirk Miller)

I know of a golfing Canuck;
When playing, he really does suck.
When he once shot an ace,
Put a smile on his face.
He said 'twas a stroke of good luck.
(Kirk Miller)

All my running is taking its toll
On the bottom of feet, and my goal:
Getting help so I'll be
Free from pain, but now the
Sole supporter I have's Dr. Scholl.
(Kirk Miller)

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