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It was a mystery fit only for the great Sherlock Holmes, himself. The day after every full moon, members of a Japanese fraternity would be found dead in the hall on the fourth floor. The victims were crushed and there were signs of skid marks and tire tracks on the floor.

Holmes was called into the case. It quickly became apparent that the only student that was not frightened was a young man named Nagawa who quickly became the object of Holmes's suspicion.

The evening of the next full moon, while peering through the keyhole of Nagawa's room, they saw that the student was no longer there, and in his place was a Japanese compact car!!!

The next morning Holmes confronted Nagawa. "When the moon is full, you become an automobile, and you run over your fellow students on the fourth floor."

"But how did you know that?" gasped Nagawa.

Holmes replied, "Elementary, my were-Datsun!!!"

At this, Nagawa panicked, and ran down the corridor. As he opened the door to escape, he turned into a car again, but as he expanded he became trapped in the doorway.

The pressure was so great that he exploded and no trace of him was ever found, again. But it rained Datsun cogs for days!

Bonus Joke:

As Japan faced its worst rice harvest in a century the police were called in to investigate the disappearance of large volumes of the grain from the national warehouses. The robbers had become bold, turning what had been a small time operation into a large organized effort.

The police soon discovered that Oligarchy Sumigata, the equivalent of the Japanese Godfather, was behind the entire process. He controlled every facet of the entire operation and directed its efforts with amazing efficiency.

They began building a case against him. They stalked him on nearly every rice paddy in the country. They tapped his phones. They inserted informants. And eventually they amassed nearly as much evidence as he had amassed rice.

When they finally arrested him and charged him with a felony he protested. He argued that the charges and the resulting penalty far exceeded the crime.

The police demurred and insisted they were right. After all, they countered. With the volume of rice he had taken, they could not charge him with mere paddy larceny.

(Gary Younglove)

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