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A small town doctor was famous in the area for always catching VERY large fish. One day while he was on one of his frequent fishing trips he got a call that a woman at a neighboring farm was giving birth. He rushed to her aid and delivered a healthy baby boy.

The farmer had nothing to weigh the baby with so the doc used his fishing scales.

The baby weighed 32 lb. 10 oz.

Bonus Joke:

A fisherman from the city was out fishing on a lake in a small boat. He noticed another man in a small boat open his tackle box and take out a mirror. Being curious, the man rowed over and asked, "What is the mirror for"?

"That's my secret way to catch fish," said the other man. "Shine the mirror on the top of the water. The fish notice the spot of sun on the water above and they swim to the surface. Then I just reach down and net them and pull them into the boat."

"Wow! Does that really work"?

"You bet it does."

"Would you be interested in selling that mirror? I'll give you $30 for it."

"Well, okay."

After the money was transferred, the city fisherman asked, "By the way, how many fish have you caught this week"?

"You're the sixth," he said.

Extra Bonus Joke:

I had a friend that eventually became a successful actor. He tells the story of his first part.

All that was required was to run into a wharf side saloon and shout a single word to the patrons announcing that the fleet was in and was full of fresh seafood to off load.

He said it was so easy that he called the part his "Shouting fish in a bar role".

(Gary Reeves)

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