Joke Of The Day

When high school kids wear rags today,
They call it self-expression.
When I was young and dressed that way,
We called it the Depression!
(Ginny Manning)

The lower the hike it gets deeper
Water flows quickly when turf's steeper
Coloradans all know:
Thirsty, on the go?
All you need is to cry me a reefer
(Guy Ben-Moshe)

To not borrow I think is the best
Course of action to take. I detest
Owing money. I've found
That it isn't real sound
Because debt is a thing of interest.
(Kirk Miller)

My neighbors kept making loud sounds
To the point that I craved new bounds.
Checked if I might have a case
The suit," invasion of space"
But my lawyer asked, "on what grounds?"
(Doug Spector)

The sheer cliffs at this place on the planet
Are just great. To whoever did plan it,
Give thanks; be reflective.
Don't lose your perspective
Like some others and take it for granite.
(Kirk Miller)

Beauty pageant contestant's in sight
Of first place, and she's feeling uptight.
Won the crown, caught the flu.
I suspect that you knew
She was sick and tiaraed all night.
(Kirk Miller)

The proctologist's job interferes
With good credit because it appears
He is always in debt.
And the reason, I bet
Is he's constantly been in arrears.

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