Despite Gains in Controlling Malaria, Drug Resistance Remains a Concern
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Wyoming Soccer Wraps Up Spring Season against Alumni
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We’re not going to feather our nest with today’s edition of the Joke of the Day – we’re too flighty!

"No one else can speak the words on your lips Drench yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten."

~Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten

The state legislature in Hawaii is working on a bill that would ban undercover police officers from having sex with prostitutes as part of their investigation.   Should undercover police officers be allowed to break the law, if they feel it is necessary as part of an investigation?

There are currently three Republican candidates for governor in Wyoming, including Governor Matt Mead, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill, and rancher Taylor Haynes. No Democrats have announced. There are five Republicans and one Democrat running for Wyoming Secretary of State, including two businessmen, three current or former state legislators, and a former Republican Party leader.   Which race will be more interesting to watch, Governor or Secretary of State?

(WyomingNetwork does NOT represent this as a scientific poll.)
Health officials in Illinois are taking a patient to court, because of the patient’s refusal to follow their medical advice. The man has an infectious type of tuberculosis, and health officials want him to stay in his home and away from other people. The patient has been going out in public, and has had friends visit him. Health officials are trying to get a court order requiring him to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. If he fails to comply, he could be sent to jail.   Should health officials be able to force someone to follow medical orders?



Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado and illegal in Wyoming. Should Wyoming law enforcement officials crack down on motorists entering the state from Colorado?   One option would be to set up checkpoints to look for marijuana the way checkpoints are set up to catch drunk drivers.

Yes, set up checkpoints to search for pot

No, do not crack down on people entering Wyoming from Colorado


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