Shooter’s Grill: Serving Food with a Touch of the Second Amendment
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Standing O for Moss was 'a great feeling'
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We’re shedding crocodile tears over today’s edition of the Joke of the Day!

"The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves."

~William Hazlitt (1778 - 1830

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has decided to reclassify close to 90,000 miles of streams and waterways (roughly 76 per cent of Wyoming’s waterways), and allow levels of E. coli bacteria five times higher than before. E. coli is fecal coliform bacteria that can cause severe illness in humans. The DEQ says the water is not used for swimming or play by children. Environmentalists and outdoor recreation groups disagree, and say hikers, campers and hunters encounter those waterways, and they should not have been reclassified.  Should DEQ allow higher levels of E. coli bacteria on most of Wyoming’s waterways?

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is facing a budget crunch because of declining numbers of hunters and anglers, which means lower revenue from fishing and hunting licenses. In 2013, the Wyoming Legislature rejected a request to raise the license fees, which haven’t increased since 2008.   Should Game and Fish try again to raise license fees, ask the state legislature for more money from the general fund, or cut services such as stocking fish in reservoirs?

(WyomingNetwork does NOT represent this as a scientific poll.)
The U.S. House has passed legislation that bans states from requiring that foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) be labeled. 3 states currently have GMO label requirements. Supporters of the measure say GMO foods are safe and the labeling could frighten consumers. Opponents say that consumers should be able to know what is in their food.  Should states be banned from requiring GMO labeling?

Yes, states should be banned from requiring GMO labeling

No, individual states should not be banned from requiring GMO labeling

A Wyoming legislative committee is drafting a bill that would keep all college student emails private, including those concerning student governments. Currently, all 50 states say that emails on university and college accounts are public record. Wyoming would be the first state to change that, if the bill becomes law.   Should college student emails be public record or kept private?

Keep student emails private

Student emails should be public record


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